How to Write an Attractive Title for Your Blog Post?

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How to write an attractive title

As much as your content is important, the title of the post is very important too. While you search the content of the search engine, there is hundreds of results show according to your keywords but who can we write a title which will improve the ranking of your blog as well as attract more readers too.

How to write an attractive title for your blog post

Why is the title so important?

A good title is very important for your blog because it helps you in many ways such as:

  1. It helps your blog post to rank better in the search engine.
  2. It attract more readers
  3. It provide a better social media representation when shared
  4. It helps you generate more traffic on your blog
  5. It provides better SEOs
  6. It is good for your blog image and improves readability of the post as well.

How to write attractive titles?

For those who want to select and write an appealing title for the blog post, there are few thing to consider and these factors will help you write an attractive blog title every time.

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#1 Working titles are the key

Working titles are those titles which represent the article and show exactly what the reader will read the article. Rather than the general titles, the working titles are better in producing the desired result as well as attract more readers as well. The working titles make the title more clear and describe the article at the same time; it is a detailed title which consists of the keywords as well.

For example:

General titles can be “top kitchen hacks”

A working title is “best kitchen hacks which will solve your storage problems”

Here you can see the reader will aspect to reading about the kitchen storage hacks in the article which will not only generate the good ranking but also appeal to the readers as well.

#2 Accuracy

The accuracy of the title is a very important element too. You have seen many search results which are generated as a result of your search on the internet but don’t match your requirements. This is because many titles are not accurate and written generally. If you are targeting to make everyone happy, you might not able to succeed as the titles which are not accurate don’t produce the results and you might end up losing the readers too. That is why try to write a title which is accurate and properly describe your article as well.

For example:

“5 social media strategies, you don’t need anything else”

Rather than writing the above title, try rephrasing it and write an accurate one such as:

“5 social media strategies which will improve your business”
“Social media strategies which are good for your business”
“Best social media strategies which are beneficial”

You can see, in the above titles nothing is promised and the writer just wants to provide some tips which can improve the social media activities of the business. Try to write a title which your reader can trust and relate because accurate titles are 38% more likely to be clicked than the ambiguous ones, as these titles look scam too.

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#3 Try to write a sexy title

Try to create a bold, juicy and stand-out of the crowded titles which are difficult to be ignored as well. You can generate a sexy title by adding more attractive words to your simple title. Try to improvise and rephrase until you get a perfect title. Rather than just writing any title, you can spend more time in selecting a good title which will help your blog post to stand out from the regular ones.

If you want your title sexier, then keep in mind the persona of your readers. What will they want to read and click? As your title has to be published and shared on the social media too, the title should appeal to the readers on the social media as they receive new feeds every minute and they need something unique which they cannot resist clicking.

For example:

“Best Hollywood couples”

Try to add more juice to it and produce a title which is more clickable than the one mentioned above such as:

“Hottest Hollywood couples who have the longest relationships”

  • Use “that” for more ranking as the titles which includes “who” are more likely to click when compared to the other titles.
  • To support your title add a more appropriate picture which attracts the readers. The titles with appealing pictures are more likely to be clicked.
  • Use bold, unique and easy language to generate more traffic to your blog post.

#4 Keep titles short

The title should be short as well. Rather than just adding the words and making no sense out of it is better to select a short and attractive title. As the long titles are not only cut short in the search engine but also have issues when shared on the social media pages such as Twitter and Facebook. The titles must consist of 8 words for better results; it is easier to share on the social media as well as in generating better results on a search engine as well.

For example:

“10 hacks to improve your kitchen storage and solve problems related to its”

The better version:

“Kitchen storage – 10 hacks to do it”
“10 hacks to improve your kitchen storage”
“Kitchen storage hacks do it like a pro!”

#5 Optimize your title for readers, social media and search engines

The readers are the key to get more attention and ranking to your blogs and they will decide who will remain in the business too. Therefore when deciding any title, keep in mind what will your readers like and what should they will click. The second and third factors to consider are the social media which will generate the traffic for your blog and attract more readers as well. The third factor is the results and ranking of the social media which will help you make a clear position. Try to write a title which is optimized for all these factors.

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